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Respiratory Alert

When I was twelve years old I was diagnosed with severe asthma.Breathing was a lesson in futility.I couldn’t run anymore, I put on ten pounds and got called “The Fat Kid” at school.Before my asthma I was lean and had an easy charm for a snot-nosed pre-pubescent kid.After I acquired asthma, I spent half of every thought on keeping my breath.It seemed to doctors as though I had a rare case insofar as so many things seemed to trigger severe attacks.I was missing weeks of school at a time.They switched me from one school to another, hoping that would help, but nothing did. It was a matter of blind luck that we had insurance.Perhaps the planets were aligned for a brief moment.We never had any access to health care when I was a kid.I’m not sure if it was a matter of not being able to afford it for my father as much as a matter of not wanting to be able to afford it.I think I went to the dentists three times in my first eighteen years of life (each time the presiding dentist would insist on …