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Writer's Rules Revisited #5

I've been out of commission for a while, out of town, and catching up on deadlined projects. I went to Star Wars Celebration VI and Dragon*Con, speaking on panels at both about Star Wars, writing, and books.

Now that I'm back and starting to catch up (slowly but surely) I thought it would be the best time to come back with another piece in the writing series. As you know by now, I'm sure, these "rules" (more like guidelines) come from a list of fifty rules I've been collecting as a writer over the years. These have been helpful to me and I thought they might be helpful to you.

Originally, I thought the list would be enough, but as I've talked to people I've realized that I have a lot more to say about each one of these than just what's written.

Like I say, these are guidelines based on my personal philosophy on writing, and that's subject to change at a moments notice. I'm constantly learning as a writer and I don't ever plan on that …