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Christmas Eve

Here's another one from the land of shorts that we've done. This one actually got shot, but the footage and all remaining copies have been lost somewhere to the sands of time. INT. BREAK ROOM -- CHRISTMAS EVE -- EVENING There is no sound in the room except for the percolating of cheap Folgers coffee. The coffee maker sits on a counter with nothing else but a score of empty unwashed coffee mugs. A refrigerator is humming quietly in the background as well. A rectangular table rests in the middle of the room surrounded by six or seven folding chairs. A few days worth of newspapers are festooned about it. A few beats of this silence until the door bursts open. In comes two neatly dressed ELECTRONICS SALESMAN. The first through the door, RICHARD, comes in pissed and in a hurry. He's followed by TOM, who enters casually. RICHARD I can't frigging believe these people... TOM You can't get so worked up Richard... You missed one, you hit a bad spell, the world's not