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The Adventures of Chet Chesterfield - Episode 6: The Curse of Cantors Claw

I wrote this as a short film I wanted to do. Then I realized it was probably a little too ambitious to do without resources. Then I wanted to see it done as a comic short and then that sort of fell through as well. I like this. I think it's as fun as all hell. I know it's sort of cheesy, but it's supposed to be. And as far as the formatting goes, I did my best for what blogger is capable of, I know what a real screenplay looks like...

TITLE CARD:The Adventures of Chet ChesterfieldTITLE CARD:Episode 6 – The Curse of Cantors ClawEXT. MOUNTAINOUS TERRAINCHET CHESTERFIELD, 30s, handsome and well built.He’s a notorious treasure seeker.He’s hacking his way though mountainous terrain.ANNOUNCER
Last time on the adventures of Chet
Chesterfield!EXT. BACK ALLEYChet is talking to a man with his face wrapped in a headdress like he’s from the Middle East.His name is HANDSOME JACK.They are talking, but cannot be heard over the announcer. ANNOUNCER
Handsome Jack told our hero of a map