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Star Wars Celebration

I'm heading out this week for  Star Wars Celebration Europe , so posting on the site might be a little lighter than usual. Especially since I'll be in Europe for more than two weeks. I don't know what sort of access I'll have to the Internet, and I'll be pretty focused on having the sorts of experiences in foreign countries that I hope will enrich my writing. And then all the  Star Wars  stuff. I'm on one panel at  Star Wars Celebration:  Amy Ratcliffe and I are doing a live double-podcast on Thursday, July 15th. We're actually the first panel at the convention. We're doing a joint Full of Sith/Lattes With Leia episode and I couldn't be more excited about it. This week has been crazy preparing to travel to Europe, so that's why this post has been late this week. And I wanted to make sure you all knew why posts might be erratic for the rest of the month. I'll be doing live streams from both my  writing facebook  and the  Full of Si