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The Fleapit Three

UPDATE: We ended up calling the film "The Fleapit Three." Below I've added the trailer.

This is the screenplay we've been shooting. This is the shooting draft in .PDF format.

Let me know what you think. It would be interesting to note the differences in the script and the differences in what you see on the screen.

Click here to download the .PDF... (It was written in Final Draft 6)

Sorry about the hosting service link. If anyone has a better way for me to post this, let me know.

To Be Me

James Hemlock could not see the world through normal eyes. Everything to him was seen through the lens of a stage drama. When entering a grocery store, his head would tell him that he must enter through the doors stage right, find his vegetables with conviction and exit stage left. Any exchanges he had with the grocers or the checkers or the bagboys was instantly translated into a page of script in his head.

Bearing in mind that he would always appear much more eloquent in his head than in reality, a typical scene in a grocery store would look like this:

The curtain rises.

A grocery store.

Enter HEMLOCK, a successful stage actor and teacher, to buy his weekly allotment of food. He is dashing and walks with a disarming swagger. He’s blonde with a red beard and penetrating gray eyes.

After making his vegetable selections, he moves upstage to speak with the CHECK-OUT GIRL.

Hemlock: ‘Tis a wonderously beautiful day for shopping? ‘Tisn’t it?

Checker: ‘Tis Master Hemlock. ‘Tis.

Hemlock: ‘Tis …