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What makes a writer?

What makes a writer? That's a question I deal with quite a bit. Am I a writer? I think the answer is actually easy. I write, therefore I'm a writer. I make a substantial portion of my living as a writer, and the portion is even higher if you count the writing I do for video projects at the day job. I published my first novel by myself, as an independent publisher. My second novel was put out under the "Silence in the Library" imprint. I followed the model that I took with the comics route and the independent film route. I helped write Pirate Club with Derek Hunter, Derek published the book himself and it was picked up by Slave Labor Graphics. I produced two films, This Divided State and Killer at Large, we made them, and then they were picked up by distributors. It's a business model that makes sense to me. It's the model for everything but books, but why? Does that business model make me (or anyone who chooses it) less of a writer? I write for man

Contest and more reviews!

Big Shiny Robot! is giving away two signed copies of Operation: Montauk. To enter, go over there for details! Another review of Operation: Montauk came out as well. This one from Nanci over at The Toschee Station.   They compared it to the original Star Wars and also had this to say about it: Operation: Montauk  is a short, fast read, with exciting action sequences and interesting characters.    Operation: Montauk  is a fun read and I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. I also did an interview for the Just Talking Podcast. We talked about all the stuff I do, including Operation: Montauk. You can listen to it over here. I've got some great news to report, as well. The manuscript for my new illustrated book is done and the ball is entirely in the artist's court. It's going to be a great book and I'm very proud of it. I'm still working on revisions for two more novels I have completed, but I might get a new manuscript written before I publish again. We'll s

Reviews, Conventions, and Signings...

As many of you were aware, I've been doing lots of conventions and signings in the last few weeks to promote the release of Operation: Montauk. First was Origins Game Fair, where I was a guest of The Library. The Library is a collection of writers handpicked by Jean Rabe who teach writing seminars, participate in their anthology project, and sell books. It's filled with luminaries such as Mike Stackpole, Aaron Allston, Timothy Zahn, Gregory A. Wilson, Jennifer Brozek, Steve Saus, Don Bingle, Sarah Hans, and a dozen others. It was a fantastic time and I learned much as a writer, a bookseller, and as a person. I also met a lot of fantastic people (see the list above, plus some) and interacted with a lot of people interested in being writers and I did my best to keep them on their path. As soon as I got back I did a pair of hometown signings at The King's English Bookshop  (where I read the first two chapters to a rapt audience) and another at Dr. Volt's Comic Connec

Denver Comic-Con

This year is the first ever Denver Comic-Con and I will be there, signing books, hanging out with some Big Shiny Robot!s ( two are covering the convention as press ), and I will find some way to put my skills as a raconteur on display. I will be at booth 104 in the Artist's Alley, which is the biggest I think I've ever seen. Maybe it's just the San Diego's seems so overwhelming, this looks like they've crammed more comics, art, and writing talent into half the square footage. There are a ton of great people in there and I hope to see them all. If you come and buy a book and mention this post, I will throw in a signed copy of "The Colossus" which is my Steampunk Adventure novella, which first appeared in Mike Stackpole's Chain Story. For those who haven't yet read anything of mine and are interested in trying it out, I'll have my Free Comic Book Day freebie to hand out as well. It contains "An Original", which is a short story

Deseret News Review of Operation: Montauk

In advance of my signings this weekend (at The King's English and Dr. Volts (more to be announced possibly)), the second largest newspaper in Salt Lake City ran a review of Operation: Montauk. It was written by a gentleman named James Joy, and you can read the entire thing on their website here . He really seemed to like it. Here's the big poster quote from the piece: Readers will be on the edge of their seats from start to finish as they meet futuristic scientists on a spaceship to World War II soldiers.  More should be rolling in soon, and there should be more interviews on the horizon as well. If you want to get a signed copy and can't make it to a signing, be sure to hit the online store . You can also pick it up digitally if that's your preference, both at Amazon and Barnes and Noble .