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This is but a sample of this story.  The complete version is available in my print collection  Man Against the Future.   From there, you can order signed copies, or buy it for the Kindle or the Nook. I want to go back to sleep. I don’t know what that crash was bit it did wake me up. Shit. Fall back to sleep. “The time is six-fifteen. Would you like to snooze for five minutes?” Shit. The alarm clock. “The time is six-fifteen and thirty seconds. Would you like to snooze for five minutes?” Fuck it. “No.” “Good morning, then.” I’m up anyway, might as well get to work early. Maybe get some coffee. Forget the coffee, it makes me too excitable. “Harold?” “What dear?” Goddamn crash got her up too. “Could you get some more milk and cheese on your way home today?” I hate going to the store. I hate buying milk and cheese. “Of course, sweetheart. Why don’t you go back to sleep?” She’ll be out like a light soon. I better get in the shower. Damn. The water’s too cold an

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Short Stories and Prose: By the Bootstraps Battle Drone Six The Way It Is The Whiskey Doctor A Peculiar Constitutional Hatchet The Colossus The Hero and The Horror In the Late Morning My Cross to Bear Water Under the Bridge The Hope of Humanity The Flights of Angels A Simple Country Murder An Original Bedtime on Tatooine No Comfort in the End Dallas is Where Hope Goes to Die A Pistol Full of Silver Convention Sketches The Accidental Date A Cold Summer Morning A Memory's Echo The Cruel Kids The Missed Opportunities of Days Gone By God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut So Many Nights Ago A Simpler Time The Girl With Green Eyes The Shadow of Dream Confessions of a Not-So-Secret Admirer Some Wintry Reminiscence Complicated An Evening of Chthulhu Bitter-Sweet Dreams Flight Delayed Unfaithful (An unfinished work) The Night Sky It Was Over The Other Man Cupid Painted Blind Canceled Date Old

The Scoop

So, I've decided to save the below "About Me" in amber, trapped in time, as it were and sort of start over from scratch since the mission of the site is a little different now. I'm making a go of earning money for all of my writing. I'm working to convert my body of work here into something that will provide me some means of income that will justify how much time I spend writing in a day. I would really appreciate if you'd consider buying some of my stories and spreading the word. So, enjoy the slightly outdated bio about myself below, I'll start a new one up in its entirety soon. 03/2010 Me, circa February 2009. I'm posting short stories up on this blog. At least once a month I'll do so. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I used to write short stories quite often, but my prose petered out after I became a screenwriter. This is my way of relearning prose. If I didn't publish it here I probably wouldn't publish it anywhere. If I didn't p