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The Last Days

A long time ago, when a fellow named Paul Green still spoke to me, he asked me to write him another war type of short for him to shoot. I'd written his first two war films from high school (which are still pretty damn good for high school kids) and so I thought I knew what he was capable of and wrote his filmmaking sensibilities into this piece. It was something we could shoot for no money with the costumes and resources we had. He opted not to do it because he thought "it was too dark." He went on to do " The Sea Angel " which was a loose adaptation of a short in Kurosawa's " Dreams ," that I introduced him to. EXT - THE BRUSH - DAY We’re in the middle of what could be a war. But there only seems to be two people around. The only two men around seem to be wearing uniforms that say “U.S. Army, circa Vietnam.” The scenery, however, seems to say “United States Mid-west.” This story could be a part of any war. This happens to revolve around the two

The Executive Attendant

I wrote this short and was planning on shooting it on 16mm. INT - CORPORATE OFFICE - DAY A well dressed EXECUTIVE is sitting behind his desk, shuffling through papers. A knock at the door stands him up to greet whoever may enter: EXECUTIVE It’s open... The door opens to reveal a YOUNG MAN, with a resume in his hand. YOUNG MAN Hello sir. The young man comes towards the desk to shake hands with the executive just sits down ignoring the offered hand. Taking the hint the young man sits down. YOUNG MAN I brought my resume, like your secretary asked... He hands the resume across the desk to the executive who in one fluid motion takes it from the young man and throws it in the waste basket. EXECUTIVE Yes. It looks wonderful. The young man looks confused. EXECUTIVE So. Which job are you applying for? YOUNG MAN Well, sir, anything really, but I was told that there was a copy boy position available. EXECUTIVE (quickly, sharply) You were lied to. (pause) There’s a machine doing that now. We do