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The Dollar

This is something I thought I'd toss on here while I'm finishing up another short story. This is a script that I actually filmed twice, once as a mostly silent film and again as a completely silent film. Sadly, neither version exists. Hard drives crashing can be a bitch, since I was really happy with the second one. INT - UNKNOWN LOCATION CLOSE ON a desk. Two hands slap a wrinkled dollar bill on the desk. They ably tape the two pieces together, flip the bill over and tape the other side. CLOSE ON the hands putting a stack of cash and the "dollar" in a deposit envelope. I/E. CAR - NIGHT CLOSE ON the hands driving--steering--with the deposit envelope in one hand. EXT. BANK NIGHT DEPOSIT - NIGHT CLOSE ON the hands depositing the envelope in the night deposit slot. Track back to see a HOBO sleeping outside the bank. LONG SHOT of the hobo sleeping on his bench. The depositor gets back in his car and pulls out of the bank driveway, driving away. EXT. STREET - NIGHT The c

GUEST STORY: An Interview With God

Jason Young is back again, this time with "An Interview With God". I'll be here in a few days with something of mine, so be on the lookout. (FYI, if anyone else wants to have me post their short stories here, get in contact with me and we might be able to work something out...) Jason Young: For the record, would you please tell us who you are? God Almighty: Yes, (clears his throat) I’m everyone’s heavenly father, God Almighty. JY: And what is it you do exactly? GA: Well first off I created the world, and everything on it. I make sure……. JY: Okay, whatever. Next question. What is Heaven? GA: Well there's clouds and all that jazz, but mostly it’s the place good people go when they die to spend all eternity. JY: That doesn’t sound so great to me. Eternity is a scary word. GA: I didn’t say it was great, simply what happens. JY: What “happens” to the bad people? GA: Well they go to hell to spend all eternity. JY: That doesn’t sound much different fro