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Convention Sketches

This is but a sample of this story.  The complete version is available in my print collection  Man Against the Future.   From there, you can order signed copies, or buy it for the Kindle or the Nook. These stories were also the inspiration for my book, Lost at the Con , which you can buy from my site signed, or acquire it on Kindle and Nook. From the moment he stepped out onto the pavement in front of the transit station he was clearly lost. He tapped out the address to the hotel into his phone with one hand and guarded his luggage warily with the other, but to no avail. Confusion washed over his face like a cold sweat and it was apparent to everyone. “Which hotel you lookin’ for?” A voice called out from the void. “Huh?” He looked around, wondering where it came from. “Which hotel you tryin’ to get to,” the voice asked again, revealing itself as a lanky black man in an oversized t-shirt. “Ummm… The Mariott.” The nerd replied, unsure of himself, his voice breaking. “