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The Train from Hell to Heaven: Mini-Comic

So, Shawn Bird read my original short story of "The Train from Hell to Heaven" and liked it so much he asked if I could let him do it as a mini-comic. I tweaked the story so it would fit in 10 pages and here is the rough draft (I still want to polish the letters, pick a nice font, fix some of the gramatic mistakes, it needs to be colored too, etc.) but this is it. Mainly.

So. Enjoy.

Click on the pages to Enlarge them. Let me know what you think.

The Adventures of Chet Chesterfield: Episode 6 - Doctor Monocle's Revenge!

I wrote this as a comic script for Derek. It was a challenge because he asked for two pages and to make it kid friendly.

Also, I don't know if there's going to be a short story next month. I sort of accidentally started writing a novel I didn't know I had in me. Before I knew it I had a hundred pages of it. I'm trying to focus on that because it's coming so easily, but I'll try to get a short story done.


Panel one: LOGO: The Adventures of Chet Chesterfield: Episode 6 - Doctor Monocle's Revenge!

Panel two:

Last time in the exciting Adventures of Chet Chesterfield:
Our hero, the intrepid explorer and treasure hunter CHET CHESTERFIELD
and his trusty friend and sidekick JIMMY MAGILLACUTTY, were traveling
to the cursed peak of MONOCLE MOUNTAIN in search of the fabled
TREASURE of the CAT'S EYE DIAMOND, when they were attacked by
the undead, brought to life by the evil DR. MONOCLE, using his
patented ZOMBIE RAY.

Panel three:

Jimmy and Chet are punching …