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I've written and re-written this a few times. I was trying out a really sparse, bare style like a few of the really good Hemingway short stories I've read recently.

It turns out I'm no Hemingway.

After a brief, gut-wrenching hesitation, she blurted, “I’m pregnant.”

Those two simple words were how it all started. They’re not words easy to say, no easier than they are to hear. When they hear those words, men cringe, their stomachs turn, they flinch as though their testicles had been smashed with a ball peen hammer. Peter, though, had a much easier time of it than most men. Unlike most attractive, usually single guys in their mid-twenties, Peter wanted children and welcomed with open arms the prospect of fatherhood.

Ashley had broken the news to him the night before.

She was shocked and confused, hurt even.

Peter was elated.

In their six months of dating, the notion of children had never been mentioned let alone explored and now they would have to rush headlong into it.

After sh…