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Television Interview

I did an interview on Park City TV's Mountain Views with Portia Early about my books and my upcoming projects. It was a great spot and I hope you guys check it out. We talked a lot about Man Against the Future and Lost at the Con , but we also talked about the book I have coming out next month, God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut, and my next two novels.

The Cruel Kids: Four Short Stories

I've put out another pack of short stories for the Kindle and the Nook. For $2.99, you'll get: The Shadow of Dream - Protecting your children can sometimes be a nightmare. Bryan and the Case of the Disappearing Playboys - A true story from my youth. The Cruel Kids - If you found out a kid you mistreated in your past killed someone, would it change you? Hungry - Sometimes you can still be a kid and have lived through horrible things in this story from World War II. The thing that unifies these stories together in a way I think makes sense for a collection is that they've all got an element of lost innocence to them.  People don't often talk about the darkness in the lives of kids these days, and these all shine a light on that in some way or another. You can get The Cruel Kids for the Kindle or the Nook .

Lost at the Con - Audiobook

One of the projects keeping me busy is recording (with the help of renowned musician Mark Dago ) the audiobook of my first novel, Lost at the Con. We'll be done with the final product by the end of the month and it should be available by the beginning of November, but we have Chapter One finished and I wanted to share it with you guys for free. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (or listen) TO CHAPTER ONE of LOST AT THE CON, as read by me. If you like what you hear, you can pick the book up at the Lost at the Con website (click the "Order Now" button to buy signed copies, or there are links to the digital copies). If you'd prefer to wait for the rest of the audio book, you can preorder it by clicking the link below. There are two options, one for digital download and one for having a CD shipped to you. The CD will have the eBook copies included. It should ship by the first week of November.

A Book Signing

I will be signing copies of Lost at the Con , Man Against the Future , and The Colossus at Dr. Volt's Comic Connection on Saturday, October 8, 2011 from 12pm - 3pm. Dr. Volt's is located at 2033 East 3300 South in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also signing will be Tyler Kirkham (who is working on Green Lantern: New Guardians) and Jake Black (Ender's Game, Supergirl, and he's written episodes of Brave and the Bold and Ben 10). I hope to see you guys all out there.  The staff at Dr. Volt's has been a big supporter of the books and have been carrying them since day one.  Since everything is on sale, this is the best time to pick up comic books, graphic novels, and get books signed by the three of us.