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Three New Short Stories for Nook and Kindle

There are three stories in a .99 cent pack now available for your reading pleasure on Kindle and Nook . The stories collected are: A Simpler Time Respiratory Alert The Reckless Abandon of Youth All three are mostly true stories from my childhood. I hope you enjoy them! A Simpler Time: Three Stories by Bryan Young - For Kindle and for Nook .

A Message from Marcus about My Books

The redoubtable comedian, Marcus, saw fit to grace me and my books with a hilarious video. You can obviously buy my books from these links: Lost at the Con and Man Against the Future . You can pay Marcus a visit on Facebook and Twitter .

Project Update

I met with my editor today about the next book I'm publishing and as much as we talked about the editorial direction the book needed to take, we talked just as much about the marketing strategy we'd need to embark on to make it successful. The next book I'm publishing is tonally different than any of the other books or stories I've ever published.  It's not comedic fiction like Lost at the Con , nor does it resemble the science fiction collected in Man Against the Future in any way.  It's tentatively titled Interstate-15  and is the coming of age story of a pair of teenage boys.  It's a very close, personal book to me and I've been hesitant to publish it at all.  In fact, it was actually the first book I ever wrote and helped me deal with a lot of personal issues in my own "coming of age" story. But my editor and I both feel that there's a great book in there with just a little tweaking and some modest rewrites.  In fact, I'd love

A New Beginning

For those of you who have been following me over the years (since 2005!) this space has been devoted to providing you a free short story every month.  It's kept me sharp with my writing skills and you guys have been instrumental in helping me become the writer I am today. A couple of weeks ago, I released my first book and my first collection of short stories into print. The book, Lost at the Con , tells the tale of Michael Cobb, a scotch-soaked political journalist who has given up on life and his dreams.  He's assigned against his will to cover a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia and his life will never be the same afterwards.   Huffington Post called it "Required Summer Reading" and of the book they said, "Young's style is terse and crisp. He writes in a way that compels you to keep flipping pages as you delve deeper and deeper into what is either the strangest of cultures you will ever enjoy or something warm and familiar to all geeks who