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It Was Over

This was an interesting experiment for me. A guy around here was doing a research paper and asked a number of people to write about 250 words about one of a number of photos. The task was to describe the events leading up to the photo, in the photo and what might happen after. I went a little over on words (I did about 320), but I sort of liked this... I might try to expand this into something much longer since I like it and in the spare word count I wasn't able to do what I had in my head justice.... So, here's the photo that served as the prompt and then what I came up with: “It’s just not working out,” I told her and she began to cry, softly at first and then harder as the news sank in. The thrill of hurting her exhilarating to me beyond reason. I’d been fanaticizing about it for so long, I was half sure this moment would never come. “But… I love you,” she pleaded. But it didn’t matter. I had no feelings for her. I picked her up and strung her along for thi

The Calm Before

I wrote this for Joel's short film project. Hopefully we'll see it soon as a short. EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT - THE FORTIES (BLACK AND WHITE) A crowded main-street. The ground is shimmering, wet with a recent rain. It’s crowded. A handful of people are leaving a movie theatre. Beyond the crowd, briskly moving toward them, through them, is a middle-aged fellow in a trench coat. His name is JOHNNY and he has the defined and chiseled features of an everyman in 1945. As he moves through the people, he’s constantly looking over his shoulder. JOHNNY (V.O.) As soon as I arrived in town I knew they meant to kill me. Indeed there are two burly men in suits and derby hats trailing him, fifteen feet behind. He pulls both sides of his collar together and walks on, turning a corner to an: EXT. ALLEY WAY - CONTINUOUS It’s deserted except for the rats and the trash. The thugs get twice as menacing now that they don’t have anyone watching them. One brandishes a knife... JOHNNY (V.O.) These