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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

That panel about the Ninja Turtles movie really got my engines burning so much that I wrote a 22-page comic... Here it is. Shaun (the guy who drew the Hitler thing) says he wants to draw this as well. Also, sorry most of the stuff lately hasn't been prose. I've been using up all of my prose on the novel, so as soon as that's done (it's close, I'm pushing 175 pages now and I doubt it will be longer than 250) I'll be back to the normal short stories that you're used to. Enjoy! PAGE ONE: Full Page: Raphael, in full disguise (trench coat and fedora) is watching a movie. He’s alone in the theatre. TEXT BOX (top left) My name is Raphael. I am Ninja. TEXT BOX (middle left) I’m also a Teenage Mutant Turtle, hence the awesome disguise. TEXT BOX (middle right) Sometimes, you just need to go see a movie to unwind. Especially after a long day’s training. CELL PHONE SOUND (at the bottom of page) DEET! DEET! DEET! PAGE TWO: Panel One: Raphael is looking at a cell pho