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Happy New Year! Our first post of 2010 is a guest story written by Jason Young. Enjoy! Before the moon was set in orbit around the Earth. A race existed, born of Mother Earth, her original sons and daughters. The race was called the Gaian’s. There were ten of them in all. Created for the sole purpose of shepherding the dawn of life. The blood of the Gaian’s was the very essence of life itself. And they were given sharp knifes by Mother Earth, and told to shed their blood over the land. When their task was complete they would return to the Earth to slumber until the end of time. The Eldest of the Gaian’s didn’t think the arrangement with Mother Earth was fair and so he asked his mother, “Why do you give us life, if only to put us to sleep for eternity?” “Without the slumber, I have given you nothing.” His mother replied. But he still didn’t understand. So he turned to his brothers and sisters and said, “Why should we give our blood to the wor