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An update!

Hello, everyone.

It's been a while. Too long, maybe. But that's just the name of the game. I've been off doing and making things, working my hardest on my craft and creating new things for you to enjoy.

I've got stories coming up in more than a few anthologies, but the one I'm most proud of at the moment is the story I'll have in Apollo's Daughters.

There's a Kickstarter (still going on right now, video below) for a project called Athena's Daughters that Silence in the Library is putting together. It's a collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories, all with female protagonists, and all written by some of the best women writing in sci-fi and fantasy. Well, Apollo's Daughters was a stretch goal at the $24,000 level (which was blown through in 10 days). It's a collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories with all female protagonists written by some of the best men in the genre. I was asked to curate the authors and I'm proud to say I'll have a story next to the likes of guys like Michael Stackpole, Aaron Allston, David Alan Mack, Aaron Rosenberg, Neal Shaffer, and many others whose stories I just adore.

There's still 6 days to go on the project and I hope you jump in and snag a copy of both collections while they're available.

I'm still chugging along, full steam ahead, on the two documentaries I'm in post-production on, and I hope to get them out for you to see as soon as possible. They're both fascinating as can be.

I've also just finished writing a short film version of a feature film I hope to be making at some point. It's based on a short story that can be found in my collection of short stories Man Against the Future.

There's plenty more brewing as well.

I also have good news to report! The manuscript for A Children's Illustrated History is done and the illustration is complete. So we'll be moving into the design phase shortly and we're on track to deliver on time!

If you're interested in any of the short stories I have coming out, check the "Complete List of Stories" link. There's titles and info on all the shorts that are coming down the pike.

One of them is coming for free in the new Silence in the Library eZine, so sign up for the newsletter over there to find out when. Another is coming free through Big Shiny Robot! so be sure to keep up with things over there as well.

The other thing I've been doing is keeping up my column at City Weekly. You can check out the archive of my pieces there.

On the Star Wars front, my podcast, Full of Sith , is about to hit its first anniversary, and my columns on  are still going strong. I've also had pieces appear in the last 4 issues of Star Wars Insider, the official magazine of Star Wars fandom.

There's plenty more coming, but this is a lot for now. Thanks for all your support of both myself and my writing over the years.


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